We hand screen print all our garments using natural, soya-based plastisol inks. If cared for correctly, will stay strong and vibrant through many a wash.
The print will stay fixed, it cannot peel off as it's not a transfer, nor will it 'bleed' under normal wash conditions. 
We've used these inks for nearly 11 years. We've used them this entire time because we know that if you follow these care instructions you'll get equal wear out the t-shirt and the print, while also extending the life of the garment for many years:
  • Wash on a cool temperature
  • Wash t-shirt inside out
  • Do not use strong detergents
  • Avoid overloading the washing machine
  • Line dry if possible
  • If you must tumble dry then do so on a low heat only
  • Never, ever, iron directly on top of the printed design, you must iron the design inside out on the reverse
There is no reason whatsoever why the prints on our shirts should not crack or fade if they've been washed under correct instructions. If you actually have experienced a cracked print then it will be because the care instructions have not been followed by doing this:
  • Washed on a high temperature
  • Washed in with a heavy a load
  • Tumbled dry on a high temperature setting
  • Tumbled dry for longer a period than the care tab